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Boiler Sales

From the purchase of a new or used boiler to its final installation, we are committed to quality. Over the years we have sold and installed both boilers for commercial, industrial, educational and institutional facilities.

We proudly represent Williams & Davis Boilers, a manufacturer with an emphasis on innovation and a heritage of producing high quality boilers since 1921.  

Plains has the capability to sell, install, and repair all boiler types.

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Boiler Sales & Service

Boilers, Parts & Supplies 

Our commitment to quality and service is what has made our company a success since 1946. We understand the needs of our clients and provide support and emergency service 24/7.

Burner Services

We have a crew of certified ASME welders with experience in new construction and repair service. Our welders are prepared to go anywhere at any time to provide quality code welding. Our technicians routinely re-tube boilers, replace tubesheets and furnaces, patch boilers and pressure vessels and perform weld repairs per the NBIC code. In addition, we repair and replace damaged refractory in boilers and pressure vessels. We can provide a complete refurbishment of your boiler or pressure vessel as requested. 

Code Certified

Parts Sales

Plains stocks most common boiler tubes, refractory and the burner controls for steam and hot water applications. We also stock the commonly used waterside and fireside boiler gaskets, valves, pumps, regulators, insulation, and boiler room equipment. 

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 Our experienced and trained technicians can tune and/or troubleshoot your burner for maximum efficiency. We can perform safety checks to ensure your systems meet the most recent specifications and Codes. We recommend and design upgrades to your existing systems to maximize burner efficiency and meet environmental standards.